About the COLORS

Glass is a specific material on which colors appear differently in certain circumstances. The color may seem different if illuminated with warm or cold light, surrounded by a dark or light environment, depending on the colors that are in its proximity, its opacity and transparency and so on. Reproduction of colored glass in a variety of media - from print to electronic, is also very demanding, because of all these different influences and personal impressions.

In order to ease doubts about the color of the product, we have prepared this page where you can compare the colors that we have used for the easier use of imagery and names in the web shop, also their industrial names and photos of parts of items (objects) painted in those colors.

If you should receive a product purchased through our web shop that significantly differs from the one shown in the photo, we will acknowledge your objection, and replace it.

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Pikolo - football tournament

Pikolo – Football Tournament of younger sports groups - kids and toes.

A great tournament of small, but spirited players.

Organisers are Football School Vrbovec and a group of parents enthusiasts.


As adults we sometimes forget to create, have fun and enjoy life without too  much seriousness. It was time to remember those things and therefore, Hilaris Art was created. For us it is not just a job, it is a way of living. We find our own peace and joy in creative expression.

This blog will be a Homepage for all news regarding glass creations and of course, our own ideas.

Welcome to our new website. Enjoy!