About us

Although our education has led us to some of the usual life stories, we were unable to resist our need for creative work. 

Our love for creation was a guiding principle for the opening of our hobby-art store & gift gallery TRATINČICA . It provided us with a peculiar space in which we could fully enjoy the freedom of creativity.

In our quest for perfection and acquiring new skills, we found a precious/treasured source of inspiration in the technique of glass fusion. That is how the easy and carefree - HILARIS art was created - a magical glass workshops in which we unite various elements into a original, harmonious whole with thermal and coloristic treatment.

News ˆ

Pikolo - football tournament

Pikolo – Football Tournament of younger sports groups - kids and toes.

A great tournament of small, but spirited players.

Organisers are Football School Vrbovec and a group of parents enthusiasts.


As adults we sometimes forget to create, have fun and enjoy life without too  much seriousness. It was time to remember those things and therefore, Hilaris Art was created. For us it is not just a job, it is a way of living. We find our own peace and joy in creative expression.

This blog will be a Homepage for all news regarding glass creations and of course, our own ideas.

Welcome to our new website. Enjoy!